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minimally yours
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M I N I M A L L Y _ Y O U R S

  • minimally_yours is a livejournal icon community for celebrity icons of the more basic, minimal variety. don't confuse "minimal" with lower-quality, however. "minimal" is really referring to clean, less busy & grungy icons.
  • your mods are queenofgrey and bonesbaby33. if you have a question, please drop us a line here and not at our personal journals.
  • this is a moderated community, meaning that you must apply and be accepted to be able to post your icons here.

R U L E S _ & _ A P P L Y I N G
  • DO NOT JOIN THE COMMUNITY. all requests will be rejected. to become a member your application must be approved and a mod will send you an invitation. go here to accept it.
  • just because we say "basic" icons doesn't mean you can just crop a picture and call it an icon. that would be known as a base. you should really know (and use) skills in coloring, creative cropping, and other ways to make good icons without the overpowering presence of text and most textures. that's the true idea behind minimalism.
  • the application process is further explained at the application post. please read the rules carefully before posting. we'll get to your application in a timely manner, we promise.
  • in case you haven't caught on, this community is for celebrity icons. icons of flowers are nice, but not here.
  • feel free to friend the community even if you aren't a member. after all, this community is for sharing icons, right?

P O S T I N G _ G U I D E L I N E S
  • post either 0 or exactly 3 previews of your set. all others should remain behind a livejournal cut (learn how to use one here), or you may choose to link to the entire set of icons at your own journal.
  • do not post more than five celebrities in one post unless your icons are of a tv show or movie. in that case, see the next rule. you may post as many times in a row as you'd like, but for the sake of the memories, please only five different subjects per post.
  • if your post includes icons of more than one actor from a movie or tv show, just put the movie or show title in the subject. you can name major actors if you'd like, but the keyword limit for the memories is 5. if the icons are from different movies or shows but are of only one actor, then label the actor's name in the subject like you normally would. it's really your call, but do what makes sense. don't go naming movies or actors if you can't fit them all. do what you can fit.
  • only post icons here with the intention of sharing.
  • state rules for taking your icons somewhere in your post here or wherever the original post to your icons may be. make it clear whether you require credit!
  • do not link to posts that require users to join a community to view them. public journals only, please.
  • remember, the key here is minimal. remember not to confuse it with crappy or lazy. less is more only when the artist actually puts a substantial amount of work into an icon!
  • the subject of your post here should contain the names of celebrities/bands/etc. in your icons. so that the memories will look the same, please format your subject in the following way (yes, with lowercases!): subject 1, subject 2...(list subjects). example: backstreet boys, lindsay lohan, paris hilton. that's it, nothing else. please and thank you. it will make queenofgrey' job much easier when she maintains the memories.

comment here to request affiliation.
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  • R E S O U R C E S